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Memory Optimizer-介绍

★ ★ ★ Tab Feature ★ ★ ★
You can see total and used memory as graph.
Click Quick Optimizer, You will be received memory.

- Task
Currently the service is enabled by querying the app in real time to prevent unnecessary use of RAM .

- Download app
Check Users download apps and the system apps
possible advantage of the various links in the pop-up defined

- Cache
Search and delete the memory of internal and external to increase it

- History
Delete or link internet browser history, bookmarks

- Backup
You can backup your installed app and can reinstall apk.

- Automatic optimization service 1
. Notification Bar
. Auto start service
. Automatic optimization time interval
. Automatic optimization threshold
. Display a notification

- Automatic optimization service 2
. Auto Kill on screen off
. Auto Cleaning results
. Auto start service

- Automatic optimization service 3
. Memory Used and Over
. Auto Task Reminder
. Auto start service

- Optimize in widge