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WIFI Signal Widget-介绍

Keep precisely within the WIFI hotspot area with the help of this simple app which consists of a standalone app, a 1x1 high resolution graphical widget and a convenient status bar notification.
1. If the widget is not available in the list of widgets on first install execute the app in the launcher.
2. Permissions - The app requires more permissions for showing the Google ads.
1. WiFi Signal strength in dBm or ASU(Pro version).
2. Themes
3. Access point, Linkspeed, MAC Address, Frequency, IP Address, Gateway, DNS, DHCP, downloaded, uploaded
4. Restart WiFi Connection
5. Widget Styles numeric or graphic(Pro Version)
6. Signal Notifications in status bar(Pro Version)
Give feedback to lakshman5876@gmail.com

This Update
• UI theme color changes
• Bug fixes
• Widget colors are fully customizable now
• Double Tap widgets to go directly to app. Single tap to update widget.
• Languages approx 50% translated - German,French,Portugal,Russian,Italian,Chinese,Japanese,Hindi
• Rectangular Widget (New)