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Pollfish Demo-介绍

This is a demo app to experience Pollfish surveys on a real device. In this demo app you can see the different available survey formats and integration types for Pollfish.
Pollfish is a mobile monetization platform delivering surveys instead of ads through mobile apps. It was established in 2013 and it has offices in New York, US and Athens, Greece. Pollfish provides a DIY survey tool on its website where anyone can visit create a survey, select which people to target and start receiving results in real time. These surveys are distributed through Pollfish's app publisher network who integrate Pollfish surveys in their apps in order to make money.
Pollfish是移动货币化的平台,通过移动应用程序提供的调查,而不是广告。它成立于2013年,并在纽约,美国和希腊雅典的办事处。 Pollfish提供在其网站上DIY的调查工具,任何人都可以访问创造了一项调查,选择目标,并开始接收实时的结果是人们。这些调查是通过谁,为了赚钱整合Pollfish调查,他们的应用程序Pollfish的应用程序发布者的网络分布。

- fixed issue with Android 6 permissions