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Fractions is an original game of reflexion combining mental calculation and speed. At start, a grid is generated randomly and has squares with each 4 values under differents forms (fractions, percentage, integer, decimal, subtraction, addition). For exemple, value 0.6 can be represented like that in Fractions :- 3/5- 6/10- 12/20- 9-8.4- 7-6.4- 60%- … All of theses forms are an equality in Fractions. Thus, solve a Fractions grid consists to find all equalities between squares’ values in contact on the grid. To do that, you should make roll values of squares clockwise by clicking on it. For players that want more complexity in game, levels 4, 5 and 6 will be a perfect challenge since grid’s squares are shuffled at game start. So, to solve grid you should also make drag and drop with squares ! To solve grid as fast as possible with least possible actions will let you to realize high score between Fractions players around the world. Fractions has also the following functionalities : * Share high scores throungh the world* Configure your player name thanks to Preferences menu available on Fractions home screen* Consult Fractions high scores around the world with your personal ranking displayed* Consult stats during grid resolution* Help for levels 4, 5 and 6 to mark squares well placed by a little orange square and squares well placed with values in good order thanks to little green square at left top of squares.* An elegant help menu lets you to see how to play to Fractions. Changes between screens are realized thanks to edges that are in bottom of the screen or by flip on screen right to left or left to right respectively to go to previous screen or next screen.